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Talk about a winning supermarket! Kroger is one of the largest, most innovative, and yet still most convenient and close by supermarket chains in the United States. Back in the 1950s and 1960s when grocery stores started to shift from the corner store model to the superstore model, Kroger pioneered many of the developments, locked tight within their core business approach, that let them emerge triumphant. And they weren’t just triumphant on their balance sheets and income statements; they were and are still triumphant with their satisfied and happy customers. And Kroger coupons are a big part of that triumph.

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Kroger operates a number of different store brands under their Kroger umbrella. Kroger, of course, is one, but they also operate Smith’s, Ralphs, and Frys, among others. All of this adds up to what makes Kroger the single largest traditional grocery retailer in the United States. And they don’t just sit at the top and run their stores like a dictatorship. No; Kroger reaches out to their customers and constituents with all sorts of innovations, deals, and specials as a way to win loyalty and really build a community.


Supermarkets these days do have to work at community building; after all, if they offer everything from filling stations to hair cuts under one roof, they’re expecting their customers to keep coming back. And, of course, Kroger coupons are one of the biggest methods they have for building that community. Kroger coupons are available directly from their website, of course, but because Kroger is such a large chain, you can often also find Kroger coupons easily through other coupons mailers, coupons websites, coupons email newsletters, and other discount distributor services. By keeping your eyes peeled, you should be able to fairly easily find coupons to your local Kroger brand store. And even though Kroger supermarkets are already fairly easy on the wallet, having another few savings up your sleeve is never a bad thing.







But what really amazes us about Kroger is how centered they are on what makes them tick. Take, for example, the fact that Kroger owns and operates three hundred seventy four jewelry stores. Even though that’s a business where they can rake in the cash, they know that they aren’t in the jewelry business. Now, they aren’t about to cut themselves loose from something profitable like that, but they keep those stores under a tight rein so they can focus on what makes up ninety five percent of their business: food stores. And because Kroger is so concentrated on what they do best, you can rest assured that Kroger coupons will keep coming out and will keep providing value.


Most central to Kroger’s strategy is their one stop shopping goal, where Kroger coupons apply perfectly well. They have fuel centers attached to nearly one thousand of their supermarkets—about thirty-five percent of them all—and work hard all the way from manufacturing through distribution and merchandising to help their customers get in, get what they need, and get out feeling great. Indeed, Kroger is a winning supermarket.